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Here you will find a variety of things to help us serve you better. You can read about the content we have below and look for the links on your right.

Private Client Portals and Tutorials
We have tutorials to help you login to your portal to retrieve tax returns or upload files to give us. These portals, by the way, are all encrypted and data is stored in a secure vault by one of the nations leading CPA firm data storage companies. Your information is much, much more secure than being transferred through email.

Record Storage and Retention Suggestions
We have information about suggested record storage and retention guidelines. There are suggestions for both your individual information and your business information.

Federal and State Refund Links
We have links to various federal and state web sites where you can check on your refund status. Note also, that if you use an email address, we automatically send you an email when your exiled federal and state returns are accepted. This let's you relax, knowing your return is now finished.

We are constantly looking for additional information to help you maintain your individual and business tax and accounting life. If you have any suggestions, please let us know so we can look at the possibility of including it here.

Most of all, thank you for trusting us to provide you with service!
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